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NEWS | Feb. 9, 2022

Profiles in Professionalism: PS1 Marian Munteanu

By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Raymond Maddocks, Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Public Affairs

When Personnel Specialist 1st Class Marian Munteanu left his hometown of Craiova, Romania in 2005 and moved to Italy, he was looking for an opportunity to save up money and gain experience in his field. His plan was to stay for 12 to 18 months, then move back home and start an accounting business. 
After moving to Italy, however, Munteanu met the woman who would become his wife — a U.S. Navy Sailor stationed in Naples. Shortly thereafter, he moved to the United States and joined the Navy himself. 
Now, 17 years later, even though his plan to start an accounting business didn’t come to fruition, he couldn’t be happier.
For Munteanu, learning specific aspects of the Navy’s personnel specialist rating was a way to get started in a career field he had long been interested in.
“I learned that there were jobs in the military that were equivalent to jobs in the civilian world,” said Munteanu. “I did some research and discovered the personnel specialist rating which has some similarities to what I used to do as a civilian.” 
Once a financial auditor and an accountant on the civilian side, Munteanu said one of his favorite aspects of that work was figuring out complex numerical challenges. Although not engaged in exactly the same work on the Navy side, Munteanu said the PS rating often offers him the same sense of satisfaction.
“It is boring for most people, but for me it is a puzzle,” said Munteanu. “It’s like a puzzle with many pieces and it’s up to me to put the pieces together.”
As the leading petty officer (LPO) of a five-man team in charge of Navy Reserve officer incentives and bonuses, Munteanu is in charge of correcting any errors. Often times, the process includes an audit, where it’s up to Munteanu and his team to identify what went wrong and how to fix it.
“Sometimes, bonuses change or amounts have to be corrected, and that is where my team comes in,” said Munteanu. 
Munteanu’s subject matter expertise has made him a trusted authority on the topic, and he is a valued member of the team conducting an annual review of the incentives and bonuses instruction. He also contributes to improving and refining the policies. All of this experience led to his recent involvement in the development of the new Navy Personnel and Pay (NP2) system. He also played integral part of mapping out the way forward for the Reserve officer and enlisted pay incentive framework within that system.
“I helped the NP2 team navigate the policy and create the current SOP [standard operating procedure],” said Munteanu. “Eventually, the SOP will be used by the developers to make the program.”
While Munteanu has been able to improve his skillset in a variety of ways, he still has his eye on several personal and professional goals.
“I am currently putting together my commissioning package, and I plan on beginning my master’s degree during my time here at CNRFC,” said Munteanu.
Munteanu was originally drawn to his Navy profession because of its similarity to his civilian one. However, during his time in the Navy Reserve, he has also discovered his affinity for the interpersonal side of the job, and the vital contribution his rating expertise can offer in solving the Reserve pay and personnel puzzle.
“When you’re on deployment, you have a number of stressors that can affect you, but worrying about your pay should not be one of them,” said Munteanu.
Munteanu often helps Sailors correct pay issues, and he takes that part of his job very seriously.
“I understand the frustration Sailors — especially deployed Sailors — face when experiencing pay issues, because I have been in that position before.” Said Munteanu. “So being able to alleviate that stress for them with a phone call or the click of a button is something that gives me great satisfaction.”