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NEWS | April 10, 2020

Accomplish The Mission

By Vice Adm. Luke McCollum

CNR Message to the Force
SLIDESHOW | 1 images | CNR Message to the Force Chief of Navy Reserve Message to the Force

With the pandemic entering a critical stage, our agility and speed has been essential. Through the creation of a new Distributed Mobilization process for COVID-19 response efforts we have streamlined how our Reserve forces are brought quickly to the fight. Within days of the call to action, hundreds of you volunteered to place your lives on hold and roll out to provide medical care, logistics support, security teams and more. In addition to Reserve forces already on the ground in New York and Los Angeles, many of you are involved with or on the way to support efforts delivering needed medical supplies, providing testing samples, and filling critical mission billets, and supporting the ongoing operational needs of the Navy.

To help you stay focused on completing the mission, we have deployed several resources to provide the news, information and support you need. A single information source for all COVID-19 related information is now hosted on the Reserve website at We have dedicated a 24/7 Chaplain Hotline available at (757) 322-5650 allowing Reserve members and their families remote access to talk with a Navy Chaplain. The Navy’s new MyNavy Family app provides easy access to many great resource you can use to find help and support. Download the app at Our Navy Reserve social media platforms are another great way to stay current with the latest information from across the force.

Your health and safety — and that of your families — are our number one priority. Please continue to take the precautions prescribed by policy and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Your normal drill-weekend cycle has been upended, but we are committed to support your efforts to maintain readiness including maximizing telework flexibility to allow you to focus on mission-essential activities.

No matter what the challenges, you continue to demonstrate that you will accomplish the mission. Our team is making a lasting impact throughout the Navy and globally showing the breadth and depth of the skills and experience we bring to the fight in this new era of Great Power Competition.

Continue to look out for your shipmates and keep in contact through your chain of command. We’ve been at this for over 105 years. We will overcome and recover. You have demonstrated, once again, that you can and will answer the nation’ s call, proving we are the Navy Reserve the Nation needs. With great respect.

This is a unique and trying time for our Force, yet I could not be prouder of our Navy Reserve team. Even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting every facet of American life, our Reserve Force is continuing to provide critical support to the Navy. This has been done while also managing turmoil in your civilian careers and disruptions in almost every area of life. I am deeply humbled by the honor, courage and commitment