Navy Reserve FY 2023 Enlisted Bonus Policy
: (800) 872-6289
March 2023


In ALNAVRESFOR 009/23 the Navy Reserve updated the FY23 Selected Reserve Enlisted Recruiting and Retention Incentives (bonuses) for New Accession Training (NAT) and Prior Service (PS) Sailors.

Who needs to know?

  • All Naval Reserve Activities (NRA)
  • Reserve Recruiters
  • Command Career Counselors
  • Command Leadership (Triads, Chiefs Mess)

"Top 7 Must Knows" for the Bonus:

1.  Navy Accessions Training (NAT) and Prior Service (PS) Sailors bonuses have been increased to $20,000 for 3 years of SELRES service for all rates in the Navy Reserve.
2.  This policy applies to all NAT and PS Sailors affiliating with the drilling Selected Reserve on or after March 24, 2023.
3.  New Accession Training and Prior Service Sailors are eligible for this policy.
4.  The effective date for the new policy is March 24, 2023.
5.  In order to be eligible for the new bonus, the Sailor must affiliate with the drilling Selected Reserve on or between March 24, 2023 and September 30, 2023.
6.  The minimum contract amount requirement is a 3 year SELRES commitment.
7.  All rates are eligible for the new policy.

***Resources for applicants with no military experience***
Phone: (800) 872-6289

***Resources for applicants with prior service experience***
Phone: (901) 874-7913

Types of Reserve Incentives:
Enlisted Incentives:
Affiliation Enlistment Bonus
Accession Bonus
New Accession Training (NAT) Bonus
Retention Bonus
Prior Service Enlistment/Reenlistment Bonus
Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB)
Officer Incentives (non-Health Professions Officer(HPO)):
Affiliation Bonus
Accession Bonus
Retention Bonus
Critical Skill Retention Bonus for non-HPO
Officer Incentives (HPO):
Affiliation Bonus
Accession Bonus
Critical Wartime Subspeciality (CWS) Special Pay
Reserve Component Health Professional Loan Repayment Program (RCHPLRP)

RESPERMAN 1100-010
RESPERMAN 1100-020
RESPERMAN 1100-030
RESPERMAN 1100-040

***Additional resources for Enlisted Bonuses can be found on the CNRFC N112 ***