Direct Commission Officer

“Top Must Knows” for new Direct Commissioned Officers (DCOs):
The below guidance pertains to DCOs who have taken their oath of office and signed their commissioning documents:
NOTE: If you have been informed by your recruiter that you were selected by a DCO board for commissioning (professionally recommended- yes or “PROREC-Y”). Congratulations! Until you are commissioned, you are not eligible for military benefits, to include access to bases. Keep-up frequent communications with your recruiter about the status of your oath of office and commissioning date.
1. Once you have commissioned, you will have a DCO sponsor, an active duty or TAR commissioned officer at your Navy Reserve Center (NRC), assigned to you to assist you with your integration into the Reserve Force

2. Download the DCO Handbook. This Handbook provides guidance on reporting to the NRC, starting your career, and general reserve information.

3. All members of the military have ID cards that identify them as members of the military. These military ID cards are commonly referred to as CAC cards (Common Access Cards). You will require a CAC card to access military installations and military computer systems. Reference page 5 of the DCO Handbook for more details on getting a military ID card.

4. All newly commissioned DCOs MUST attend Officer Development School (ODS), within 1 year of commissioning. Your DCO sponsor will assist you with reserving your seat in an ODS class.

5. Communication is vital for your success as a DCO! Your DCO sponsor is your best source of information specific to your NRC and your unit leadership is your best source of information specific to your unit.

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•  ODS Split Course Flyer
We are here to help! Reach out if you need assistance: USN.norfolk.comnavresforcomva.mbx.cnrfc-dco@us.navy.mil



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