1st AT


Annual Training (AT) is a period of active duty, typically 12 to 14 days in length, which individual Selected Reservists are authorized and required to perform each year in order to achieve a qualifying year for retirement. Orders are always required when performing AT.
RESPERMAN 1001-010 directs that a minimum of 12 days of AT, or an equivalent number of days on another form of active duty orders (e.g., AT, ADT, active component service, definite recall, mobilization) must be conducted each fiscal year as part of a Sailor’s Satisfactory Participation! 
Note:  New Navy Reserve Sailors who affiliated on 1 June or later will not be required to complete 12 or more days of active duty within that same FY per RESPERSMAN 1571-010, but should coordinate with their chain of command to ensure that no other requirements or obligations exist.

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