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NEWS | March 2, 2023

Navy Reserve 108th Birthday Message

By Mass Communication Chief Petty Officer Elisandro T. Diaz, Office of the Chief of Navy Reserve

Video Transcript:

CNR: Greetings, Shipmates. I’m Vice Adm. John Mustin, Chief of Navy Reserve and Commander, Navy Reserve Force.

Force Hunt: And I’m Navy Reserve Force Master Chief Tracy Hunt.

Both: Happy Birthday, Navy Reserve!

CNR: Wow. 108 years. Time sure flies, Force. Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating our 107th birthday. But here we are. For 108 years, our Navy Reserve has stood the watch. Since 1915 , you have forged a common bond with millions of other proud American citizen Sailors. Shipmates who have served in every global conflict since World War I. Over that century of service, the dedication, excellence and commitment embodied by our Reserve Sailors has provided the nation with a decisive warfighting advantage.

Today, we celebrate another milestone anniversary. And we do so with immense pride as Reserve Sailors serve in every theater around the world, defending the values we all hold dear. Here’s a shout-out to our sailors in EUCOM... in INDO-PACOM... In CENTCOM... in AFRICOM... in SOUTHCOM... and in NORTHCOM. Nice work, Shipmates.

But make no mistake... As we reflect on a job well done, we also keep a weather eye on the future...our adversaries are not standing still, and neither are we. So, as we celebrate today, we also continue to aggressively prepare for tomorrow.

Force: Shipmates, this is a big day. But as CNR said, our adversaries are not standing still. Every moment, they are working hard to gain the upper hand. We cannot stand still as they try to pass us by. Over our 108 years, we have relied upon an asymmetric advantage…you, our unrivaled Citizen Sailors. We can field better technology, hardware and tactics, but none of those matter without you. You are our most precious resource, and our Navy’s ace in the hole.

Each one of you is critically important to we have recently deployed several programs that deliver improvements in Sailor development, talent management and quality of life. And we are delivering better access to benefits and support services because we put you and your families first. You have been part of our proud history and we need you more now than ever. Take pride in being part of an incredible legacy...every time our nation has called, you have answered. Ready from day one.

CNR: Right on target, Force.

Simply put, we would not be celebrating a Navy Reserve Birthday if not for the generations of Sailors who answered the call to serve when our nation was in need. For 108 years, you have embodied our core values of honor, courage and commitment, and made our country proud. And as we celebrate our birthday in 2023, remember that our singular priority is warfighting readiness. Our nation needs us to be ready...I’m counting on you.

Keep up the great work, shipmates. We are proud of you. And we’re grateful to your supportive families for all they do on the homefront. We all have much to celebrate. Now, Force and I have 108 candles to light. Then Force is going to blow them all out...right, force?

Force: Aye, aye Sir!

CNR and Force: Happy Birthday, Shipmates!