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NEWS | March 10, 2023

NRFI Update on Design the Force

By Cmdr. Sean Foertsch,

Vice Adm. John Mustin, Chief of Navy Reserve and Commander, Navy Reserve Force and Rear Adm. Ted LeClair, Deputy Commander, Naval Surface Force Fleet, provide a progress update on the “Design the Force” line of effort of the Navy Reserve Fighting Instructions (NRFI). NRFI’s other three Lines of Effort include Train, Mobilize and Develop the Force. NRFI is Vice Adm. Mustin’s action plan for the Navy Reserve fully attaining and maintaining peerless warfighting readiness.

Vice Admiral Mustin: Team…Vice Admiral John Mustin, Chief of Navy Reserve, here, with a progress update on the Reserve Force transformation you’ve heard we’re working through the Navy Reserve Fighting Instructions.

I’m joined today by my friend, Rear Admiral Ted LeClair, who is leading the “Design the Force” line of effort. I’m counting on him to design and deliver combat credible units and leading-edge capabilities needed for the high end fight. Ted, what have you and your team been working on?

Rear Adm. LeClair: thank you, CNR.

Shipmates, the Design the Force line of effort has been laser-focused on identifying and delivering Navy warfighting capabilities that are best suited for the reserve component.

We have analyzed every reserve billet and unit for its fit with our imperative to provide strategic depth. We divested reserve capacity that adds little or no warfighting contribution and invested in capabilities and capacity that provide Navy and joint force warfighting readiness.

We are growing our Reserve Force in capabilities like maritime operations centers, search & rescue swimmers, afloat maintenance and repair, maritime air operations, and naval special warfare to name just a few.

We added VLS re-load teams and expeditionary logistics capabilities, invested in manpower for the KC-130 fleet, and added augment unit manpower for CMV-22, a new platform in the Navy Reserve Force.

These design decisions not only make the Navy Reserve a more lethal, resilient, and survivable force, they also provide challenging and rewarding opportunities for SELRES Sailors to serve in meaningful roles that contribute directly to our nation’s security.

Sir, back to you.

Vice Adm Mustin: Thank you, Ted. Really nice work there on consequential issues that will shape our contribution for decades.

Team, while Rear Admiral LeClair and his team are moving out on the “Design the Force” line of effort, we are also moving forward on three other lines of effort: Train the Force, Mobilize the Force, and Develop the Force. Stay tuned for more updates from the leaders that are making it all happen.

Keep up the great work, Shipmates. We still have much to do.

Now, let’s get busy.