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NEWS | Aug. 7, 2020

PMK-EE Mobile Application Update Modernizes Content, Improves Functionality for Sailors

By Cheryl Dengler

A Sailor reviews the recently updated Professional Military Knowledge-Eligibility Exam (PMK-EE) mobile application.
SLIDESHOW | 1 images | 200806-N-YR423-0001 PENSACOLA, Fla. (Aug. 6, 2020) A Sailor reviews the recently updated Professional Military Knowledge-Eligibility Exam (PMK-EE) mobile application. PMK-EE is an electronically delivered exam for candidates competing for advancement to pay grades E-4 through E-7. The app is available for download from the Navy App Locker. (U.S. Navy photo by Cheryl Dengler)

PENSACOLA, Fla. - An update to the Professional Military Knowledge-Eligibility Exam (PMK-EE) mobile application, released Aug. 5, improved functionality for Sailors and upgraded content to match current Navy standards and requirements.

Available via the Navy App Locker, version 2.7.3 of the mobile app includes the following updates:
- Exam questions and content for all pay grades
- Study materials for all pay grades
- Preserves the Sailor’s completed progress
- Corrected code based issues related to the app upgrade
- Improved course completion workflow

In March 2020, the Navy Advancement Center (NAC) conducted a PMK-EE Advancement Examination Readiness Review (AERR) in Pensacola to review and update exam questions and bibliographies.

“We gathered Fleet Subject Matter Experts (FSMEs) from across the Navy to ensure that rating advancement and promotion eligibility exams were valid and that the bank item content was current, relevant, and correct,” said NAC PMK-EE Team Leader Doc Wallach, Ph.D.

Numerous references were also updated to match current policy, programs, standards and recent modernizations to Navy systems and processes.

“PMK-EE is now more current, relevant, valid, and incorporates Sailor 2025 initiatives,” said Wallach.

In addition to the content update, Sailors will see increased functionality with version 2.7.3.

“Sailors will find the improved app to be more user-friendly,” said Wallach. “It will also save progress as Sailors complete each module and provide completion certificates directly to the Sailor’s records.”

It is recommended that Sailors continue to save their completion certificates electronically as a backup, said Wallach.

In order for Sailors to get the latest version of the PMK-EE mobile app, Sailors must download the update onto their mobile device.

“It’s important to note that current course completions will not be affected, and Sailors will not need to repeat already completed courses now that the new content is released,” said Wallach. “That said, if they are in the middle of a module and have not yet completed it, say 15 out of 20 questions, it will not save that progress in the new version of the app.”

PMK-EE still consists of 100 questions spread across five sections: Career Information, Leadership and Character, Naval Heritage, Professionalism, and Warfighting and Readiness.

“Sailors must take and pass the exam once per pay grade in order to advance to the next-higher pay grade,” said Naval Education and Training Professional Development Center (NETPDC) Command Master Chief Gregory Prichard. “Failure to complete the PMK-EE by the established deadline will result in the Sailor being ineligible to advance.”

The current advancement eligibility deadlines for PMK-EE completion are outlined in NAVADMIN 201/20:

- January AD/FTS E7 NWAE cycle – prior to Dec. 1 of the previous year

- February SELRES E4/5/6/7 NWAE cycle – prior to Jan. 1 of the same year

- March AD/FTS E4/5/6 NWAE cycle – prior to Feb. 1 of the same year

- August SELRES E4/5/6 NWAE cycle – prior to Jul. 1 of the same year

- September AD/FTS E4/5/6 NWAE cycle - prior to Aug. 1 of the same year

The mobile app update took several months to complete and included the combined efforts of multiple entities to include NETPDC, PMW-240, Tracen Tech, and the Navy Training Management and Planning System (NTMPS) team.

As part of the MyNavy HR Force Development team, NETPDC provides products and services that enable and enhance education, training, career development, and personnel advancement throughout the Navy. Primary elements of the command include the Voluntary Education Department, the Navy Advancement Center and the Resources Management Department.

Additional information about NETPDC can be found at