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NEWS | Aug. 17, 2020

CNR Addresses Navy Reserve Force

By Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Arthurgwain L. Marquez

VIDEO | 01:35 | CNR Welcome Address


1. I am honored to lead our Navy Reserve, and follow in the footsteps of CNR #14, VADM Luke McCollum, who set us on the right glideslope for the future. If you are reading this, we share a mutual affection for, and commitment to, our great Navy, the Navy Reserve, and the nation we serve.
2. I say “our” Navy Reserve with intention. The Navy Reserve belongs to each of us. The diversity of our Sailors, civilians, and families is our most important asset and every Sailor contributes to our warfighting culture, and in doing so shapes, serves and supports our mission. Around the globe, every single day, nearly 60,000 of you balance your personal, professional, and military responsibilities in an inspirational demonstration of time management, expert prioritization and resiliency. You maintain personal and professional readiness for yourself, your unit and your gaining command, and concurrently act as ambassadors to your respective communities. That is no small feat, and I appreciate the challenges you endure while doing so, as do the active duty leaders who depend upon the Reserve force to ensure global mission accomplishment. You have much to be proud of.
3. Our mission is important, and I am counting on each of you to perform at the highest level. Based on historical norms, today’s security environment is increasingly competitive, faster paced and far more complex than even five short years ago. Our collective readiness will be tested, at home and abroad, as we train for a high-end fight against motivated, well-capitalized adversaries who will seek to deny us victory in every domain in which we operate. In this competition, there is no second place, and the margin of victory is razor thin. But we will do what we must to win.
4. A Navy Reserve that is ”ready to win” is not a slogan – it is a promise to our great nation. Now, more than any other time in our history, our civilian and military leaders are counting on a Reserve Force that is ready, operationally and strategically, to contribute to a high-end fight, tonight. To compete and win, without caveat. That is, we must be operationally responsive and ready…now. Not at some future date, but immediately. Not as an ad hoc, temporary manpower pool, but as a fully integrated, trained, available, lethal multiplier to our nation’s combat power -- even while transforming to address the sobering realities of new and evolving future threats.
5. I am incredibly energized by the work ahead, and what we will accomplish together. We are on the right path, but the transformation we must execute will require hard work from all of us. Intellect, talent and motivation, though important, are not enough. We must also live by, and embody, moral courage, toughness, initiative, perseverance and the willingness to sacrifice. These tasks are neither easy nor free from risk. But I expect you to deliver upon them as though our nation’s freedoms depend upon it. Because they do. Our taxpayers, families and international partners deserve no less from us, every day, whether in or out of uniform.
6. In return for your commitment to our Navy and our nation, I offer my assurance that my team and I are fully vested in ensuring your success. Together, our forces represent the most awesome reserve capability the world has ever known, and yet we know there is still much to do. We will be unrelenting in removing obstacles, friction and inefficiencies that hinder your ability to organize, train, maintain and operate your forces.
7. Serving you as your Chief is the single greatest honor of my life. I look forward to the days ahead to do all I can on your behalf, ensuring that you have the opportunity to thrive and succeed in your service to our nation. Lean heavily on me, as I will do on you, as we continue to shape our Navy for the future. Now let’s get busy.
8. VADM J. B. Mustin, Chief of Navy Reserve #15, sends.