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NEWS | Oct. 29, 2020

Don't Double Dip

By Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Arthurgwain L. Marquez

VIDEO | 00:55 | Don't Double Dip

Dual compensation refers to when a Reserve Sailor who is also employed by the federal government receives Reserve and regular civilian pay for the exact same time period without being in a civilian leave status. For most Sailors this isn't an issue, but it's important to talk with your federal human resources office to make sure your Reserve time matches up with your civilian leave dates. Wether you use Military Leave, Annual Leave or even Leave Without Pay, make sure you're not double dipping. 

Here is a summary of rules to avoid any improper civilian payments during periods of active duty.

Federal law (5 USC 5536) prohibits a Reservist on active duty from working in a civilian capacity with the government at the same time.

A GS employee cannot concurrently receive pay for their civilian position while also executing active duty orders. Exception: if a GS employee is in an appropriate civilian leave status – such as military leave or annual leave – they can continue to receive civilian pay while serving on active duty.

Work for the government in a civilian capacity while on active duty is incompatible with the member’s actual or potential military duties even if civilian work performed during “off-duty” time.

Contact your civilian HR office or your legal office with for more information.