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NEWS | March 18, 2021

Navy Reserve Leans on Change Agent Network to Update Administrative Processes 

By Lt. Cmdr. Adam Demeter, Deputy Public Affairs Officer, Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command 

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NORFOLK — A group of Navy Reserve officers, enlisted and civilian personnel have assembled to form the Reserve Change Agent Network (RCAN) as part of a transformation initiative designed to identify, design and implement modern processes shaping the systems Sailors interact with throughout every facet of their career.

RCAN, a team of subject matter experts and product owners, regularly meet to discuss administrative processes that have grown outdated and cumbersome. In turn, the team designs and implements practical and modern solutions — for both active duty and the Reserve component.

“Nothing is off the table,” said Cmdr. Julie McGill, the MyNavy HR Transformation Deputy at Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command. “The frustrating legacy systems that we’ve grown accustomed to in order to complete our everyday administrative tasks are being identified and upgraded into the Navy Pay and Personnel system (NP2), a single, integrated personnel and pay system providing everything you’ll need in one location using one login.”

NP2 uses an agile development methodology, regularly deploying new capabilities to Sailors and the Navy Human Resource (HR) workforce. The initial rollout of NP2 began in 2019 with the launch of MyPCS, providing active duty Sailors with CAC-free mobile access to Permanent Change of Station (PCS) checklists, orders, electronic travel vouchers and a travel reimbursement calculator.

While most Reserve Sailors do not PCS, they do routinely submit travel vouchers and follow order checklists. The RCAN tested a concept similar to MyPCS at two Navy Operational Support Centers (NOSC), where they monitored the execution of mobilization and Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS) orders from start to finish and requested feedback.

Teams of RCANs are embedded in all six Reserve Component Commands (RCC) across the country, providing a direct link to the NOSCs and Sailors at the ground-level.

“We wanted to know what worked, and what didn’t,” said Lt. Cmdr. Crystal Graham, RCAN coordinator for Navy Region Northwest RCC Everett. “Engaging with a network of professionals who understand the complexity of Reserve programs, bringing new ideas to the table, and turning those ideas into innovative solutions is making an impact to the Reserve Sailor.”  
The result is Navy-specific applications designed for accessibility via smartphone, tablet or computer. NP2 will offer, among others, an updated Reserve mustering capability, access to all Reserve order types, mobilization readiness information, and access to travel, retirement and dependency data all in one place — a one-stop shop for multiple functions, eliminating the need to log onto separate systems.

“It’s long past due,” said Graham. “The Navy Reserve is designing and modernizing our force and it’s getting the attention of our active duty counterparts. We’re all on equal footing and the programs we’re developing as a team will have an immediate impact for both sides of the house.”

The Transformation team is looking for feedback and encourages Reserve Sailors to log in to NP2 today by going to

“We really need Sailors to log into NP2, start using the system and to let us know what they think,” said McGill. “If there are any suggestions or comments, they can provide that feedback to their regional RCAN through their chain of command.”

McGill says the backbone of NP2 are those Reserve Sailors and experts in their field who have been identifying what needs to be changed.

“We’re changing the way the Reserve does HR business, and we want everybody to play a part in it,” she said.

Initial operating capability (IOC) for NP2 is scheduled for January, 2022.