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NEWS | July 1, 2021

Force Design Initiative Update: Reserve Unit Renaming

By Commander, Navy Reserve Force Public Affairs

In support of the Navy Reserve Fighting Instructions, the Navy Reserve Force is in the process of updating over 1,000 Reserve unit titles using a standard naming convention. This will provide Active and Reserve commands with recognizable and consistent unit titles, ensuring better awareness regarding commands, missions/capabilities and associated locations. Reserve unit names will now consistently include supported command names, mission/capability, and geographic location (when applicable).

Many Reserve members will first notice these changes in preparation for upcoming billet application phases (via MNA and JOAPPLY), as well as the FY-22 APPLY Board dream-sheet phase. To support these application phases/processes, a list of old and new unit names can be found on the N1 Share-point page at: as well as on the RFMT and MNA homepages (links below). 

Reserve Officers submitting their “dreamsheets” ISO the FY22 APPLY board, should reference old and new unit names to ensure final application submissions are accurate and aligned to new naming conventions. 

  • “NR C7F DET NPT” will become “NR C7F FUPLANS.”
  • “NR JMASTP AURORA” will become “NR JMAST PAC DEN.”
  • “NR COMTENTHFLT” will become “NR C10F HQ.”
  • “NR NMRTC PTS DET R” will become “NR NMRTC PTS PLA.”
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