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NEWS | Sept. 8, 2021

Profiles in Professionalism: HT2 Olga Perozocarrero

By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Raymond Maddocks, Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Public Affairs

NORFOLK, Va. (Sep. 1, 2021) - In November, 2019, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael M. Gilday released a NAVADMIN calling for a culture of excellence, focusing existing Navy core values to transform behavior, norms and culture.
Promoting positive behavior and healthy norms among Navy Sailors is something Hull Maintenance Technician 2nd Class Olga Perozocarreo has been doing for a while now.
“I have written over 20 video scripts and acted them out,” said Perozocarrero. “I filmed them at my current and last two commands to train Sailors on domestic violence, DUI, drug abuse, suicide prevention and sexual assault.”
A culture of excellence is not something Perozocarrero leaves at work, but is something she maintains awareness of at all times and takes very seriously.
“A culture of excellence means to be brave and have the courage to speak up when you see something wrong; to maintain hope and act to make a change for the better; to be different from others; to cancel the toxic culture and normalize doing the right thing; to get to know your Sailors and be approachable,” said Perozocarrera.  “Protect each other how we would protect our brothers and sisters.”
Perozocarrero currently works as a transition assistant at the career transition office in Millington, Tenn. She not only enjoys her job, but also says it contributes to a culture of excellence because it gives her the opportunity to help others.
“I enjoy speaking with Sailors,” said Perozocarrero. “Making extra efforts to help Sailors start their new journeys when transitioning from Active Duty to Reserves makes my job feel more meaningful.”
Another way Perozocarrero contributes to the culture of excellence is through her collateral duties. She is on her unit’s honor guard team and is a SAPR victim’s advocate, duties that she is happy to fulfill and takes very seriously.
“It’s satisfying to render honors to Veterans, Retirees, and Active-Duty members who have served this country,” said Perozocarrero. “As a SAPR victim’s advocate, I enjoy encouraging, supporting and helping victims find their strength to take their power back and continue to live the best life they can possibly live.”
Perozocarrero strives every day to represent the values that CNO wants all Sailors to exemplify.