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NEWS | Oct. 13, 2021

CNR Message to Celebrate Navy’s 246th Birthday

By Commander, Navy Reserve Force Public Affairs

VIDEO | 02:05 | CNR Message to Celebrate Navy’s 246th Birthday

Greeting’s shipmates.  I’m Vice Adm. John Mustin, Chief of Navy Reserve and Commander, Navy Reserve Force. 

Today, we are celebrating the 246th birthday of our great Navy.  That’s 246 years of naval heritage. 246 years standing the watch so others can the enjoy the liberties you protect. 246 years of honor, courage and commitment and over a century as the world’s premier maritime force. 

Happy birthday, shipmates.

You are part of an elite team.   As Reserve Sailors we are proud to draw on the history, culture and character of our naval service and yet we are a unique “team within a team.”
This year’s birthday theme is “resilient and ready.”  Over our Navy Reserve 106-year history, our force has proven itself both resilient and ready countless times.
Our Navy Reserve Sailors have defended our nation and allies in every major conflict since 1915 and they continue to do so, as you’ve seen in the recent surge of Sailors providing critical medical care in response to COVID-19…and those who supported the evacuation of Americans, allies and partners from Afghanistan.

Our Reserve force is ready now.  Warfighting ready.

We’ve demonstrated our resiliency as a team, and as individuals, through the crucible of conflict, regionally and globally.  We’ve experienced tragic losses, but our resiliency perseveres. We’ve shown the world that we can take a hit and will come back stronger, more committed and equipped to get through the tests we may face tomorrow. 
We are aggressively modernizing our Reserve force to address today’s global environment, one where our long-standing competitive advantage at sea, and in other domains, is threatened by provocative behavior by state actors.  We are building new capabilities and shifting capacity in our force to meet the needs of long-term strategic competition. And I know I can count on your flexibility and resiliency to ensure your readiness, on day one when, and if, the nation needs you. 

So, on this very special day, remember the rich heritage we share. 

Remember why you joined our great Navy. Remember that your work is important and valued, and always remain resilient and ready. 

Happy birthday, shipmates!  Let’s light those candles. And let’s get busy.