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NEWS | Dec. 3, 2021

Profiles in Professionalism: SW1 Jaclyn Bedillion

By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Raymond Maddocks, Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command Public Affairs

NORFOLK — Steelworker 1st Class Jaclyn Bedillion has many responsibilities. She is a mother, a wife, a homeschool teacher to her oldest son and a professional freelance photographer. On top of all of this, Bedillion is a Navy Reserve Sailor committed to helping active duty Sailors make a smooth transition to the Navy Reserve Force.
When Bedillion transferred to Amphibious Construction Battalion Two, she noticed many Sailors coming off of active duty and transitioning into the Reserve force who were struggling to make the adjustment. She decided to start a program called “Indoc Company” to help incoming Navy Reserve Sailors adjust to their new role.
“The goal of this program is to make sure these newly-minted Reserve Sailors are set up for success,” said Bedillion. “Whether they go to a new unit or they stay here, they will always be a ‘basically trained Navy Reserve Sailor.’”
According to Bedillion, the goal of Indoc Company is to familiarize new Navy Reserve Sailors with programs not used in the active duty component, such as Navy Reserve Order Writing System (NROWS) and Enhanced Drill Management (EDM). The program also provides a sustained indoctrination process to provide new Navy Reserve Sailors with simple, practical solutions for managing their Reserve career.
“Indoc Company is modeled after Navy Reserve Center indoctrination, but Indoc Company provides continuous assistance to resolve issues and answer any lingering questions,” said Bedillion. “We also direct Sailors to specific resources, such as where to get ID cards, how to apply for a government travel credit card, and how and where to get uniforms.”
Bedillion spends much more time working on Navy-related matters between drill weekends than the average Navy Reserve Sailor. As the point of contact for new Sailors reporting to her unit, she is always on the clock. 
During the day, she is very busy with her family, but she finds time to field emails, answer questions and get necessary contact information for incoming Sailors. Most of her work, however, is done at night. This is when she takes calls from Sailors and answers whatever lingering questions they may have.
“In the past, I have had some of the same problems these new Navy Reserve Sailors are facing now,” said Bedillion. “That’s where my passion for helping these Sailors comes from, because I know how frustrating it can be.”
Bedillion, currently assigned to Navy Reserve Center Norfolk, will soon transfer to a new unit and NRC, where she hopes to implement her program again.
“I would love to see it standardized,” said Bedillion. “We have so many Sailors that have trouble with the transition, and this program can help them get used to the Navy Reserve process.”