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NEWS | Dec. 20, 2021

2021 Reserve Force Holiday Message

By Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command 

VIDEO | 05:18 | 2021 Reserve Force Holiday Message

Greetings Shipmates, I’m Vice Admiral John Mustin, Chief of Navy Reserve and Commander, Navy Reserve Force. 

In this joyful holiday season, Force Master Chief Hunt and I wish you and your families’ season’s greetings and the happiest of celebrations, and we thank you for your service —and your contribution— to our Navy, and our great nation, in 2021.   You delivered, in a challenging year, what has become the hallmark of our Reserve Force for over a century: Excellence.  

As I reflect on the past year, I’m energized by what we accomplished together.  I’m particularly proud of the consequential modernization of our Reserve Force along our “Design, Train and Mobilize the Force” lines of effort.  We’ve quantitatively increased our warfighting readiness and our ability to track our progress and status.  But despite the great work we’ve already done, I remain eager to welcome 2022, and to get busy on the many critical initiatives that will make us ready, trained, proficient and confident on ‘Day One,’ of any future conflict.

Among our many accomplishments in 2021, we began the process of reshaping our Force.  That means we divested legacy capabilities in order to grow in more strategic, mission-essential capacity and competencies that directly support our fleet commanders…critical warfighting enabling missions such as space, cyber, Maritime Operations Centers, Naval Special Warfare, data science, and expeditionary missions, to name only a few. 

We declared the Initial Operating Capability (IOC) for the game-changing Adaptive Mobilization Process, which is the decentralized process we’ll use to rapidly activate and mobilize Reserve Sailors at scale.  In the event of a crisis, that’s how we’ll execute a mass mobilization with precision and speed, and ultimately get up to 50,000 of our sailors where they need to be fast and ready.

We also cleared up the ambiguity around reporting seniors for evaluations and fitness reports.  Now, every Sailor will be clearly aligned with their assigned, supported command – or “UMUIC” — which is the mission our taxpayers expect you to be working on when you drill or do your annual training.  No surprise here, we’re emphasizing your training on what’s required for you to succeed in your mobilization billet, and your warfighting readiness in that billet, which is why your report will come from your unit not your Reserve Center. 

As we steam into 2022, we’re preparing to launch additional strategic and innovative policy, training, and technology enhancements to improve our force-wide readiness to perform our operational mission.  These enhancements improve quality of life issues, and simplify your focus— and your admin.  Shipmates, it’s time for us to work smarter, not harder.

Along those lines, you should know your hard work, your creative ideas, and your commitment to your trade craft— namely, being a professional, ready Sailor—have a direct impact on our Navy, and our national defense.  You’re doing great, and I’m counting on you to ‘bring it’ every single day.


Sir, I was also thrilled -- but not surprised – to witness our force embrace the aggressive shift from the land-based, Individual Augmentee Reserve of the last two decades, to one more laser-focused on Strategic Competition and warfighting readiness in the maritime domain.  

My wish for each of you over the coming weeks is to spend quality time with your families and loved ones, which many of us were not able to do last year.  As we navigate our way out of the pandemic, we understand more than ever the importance of connectedness and safety. 

Team, check in on your Shipmates frequently. Many may be away from home and feeling isolated during this important time of year.  An email, phone call or text can go a long way, and potentially prevent or offset growing negative thoughts or feelings.   We all need to watch out for each other. 

And keep yourselves and your families’ safe by smart decision-making and deliberate planning for contingencies and potential mishaps.  

I know I can count on you on both fronts. 


That is spot on, Force.  Shipmates look out for Shipmates any time of year.   

If you think someone is struggling, or you notice behavior out of the norm, do something about it.  Reach out, offer support and connect them with resources that can help, like the Military Crisis Line or a chaplain; or PHOP and Sailor resources, or their chain of command. 

Every one of you are precious and valued.   Together, we need to create and maintain a culture of excellence, a culture of safety, and a culture of warfighting readiness.   I say that because creating a culture isn’t easy, and it isn’t someone else’s job.  We each contribute by our decisions every day.  So I ask you, ‘how are you contributing to shaping our culture?’

Shipmates, 2021 is almost in the rearview mirror.  Thank you for your patriotism, your hard work, your sacrifice, and your focus this past year.  You and your families make our Navy the most powerful maritime force the world has ever known.  As a result of your efforts, we have much to celebrate.  

So, as you reflect on the past year, what are you most proud of?  And, as you prepare to welcome 2022, what is the one thing you want to accomplish?  You don’t need permission to move out on your goals.

On behalf of Force Hunt, and the entirety of Reserve Force staffs around the world, I offer my sincerest wishes for the happiest of holidays.  I’m proud of every one of you.  

Happy holidays, Shipmates.