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NEWS | July 28, 2022

Navy Establishes Navy Recruiting Reserve Command

By Commander, Navy Recruiting Command

Commander Navy Recruiting Command (CNRC) has recently established Navy Recruiting Reserve Command (NRRC) to better support Reserve recruiting. This move is part of CNRC’s realignment of its command structure, shifting from a three geographic region model (east, central and west) to a two geographic region model (east and west) for active duty recruiting as well as Reserve New Accession Training (NAT) and Training and Administration of the Reserves (TAR). This frees the third major command, NRRC, to focus specifically on the Prior Service Reserve mission in an incredibly competitive job market.

“The challenge that has affected us all is the competition for our military and civilian talent, and that of our reserve market,” said CAPT Karen Muntean, Commander of NRRC. “This competitive employment market has forced us to think about short and long term organizational structures that make sense.”

Part of this restructure’s focus is on Canvasser Recruiter (CANREC) professionals. They make up 65% of NRRC and carry a critical portion of the NRRC enlisted goal and 100% of the officer mission goal.

“Our success depends upon CANREC professionals, and I am continually amazed at their commitment,” said Muntean. “These individuals are Selected Reservists (SELRES) and civilian professionals who have committed themselves to joining our challenging recruiting charge. Their role is to recruit for the reserve mission, educate active duty, civilians and veterans on the benefits of serving in the Navy Reserve, and partner with military and industry organizations.”

Muntean’s team is closely aligned with the NTAGs for the Reserve mission.

“The NTAGs are a strong partner with a shared role in supporting the Navy Reserve through their missions of NAT and TAR,” said Muntean. “While the prior service recruiters will realign from the NTAG to NRRC, the NTAG will continue to provide the administrative support to those Sailors who remain in their local AOR. NRRC is a zero-sum build of Operational Control and the NTAGs will retain the administrative control where the support structure already exists for the Sailors previously assigned to them. The relationship with our Navy Recruiting Regions and NTAGs is an integral part of our command structure and the interdependence will be in place for the foreseeable future. Future state discussions include a desire to have Reserve Talent Acquisition Groups (RTAGs), which would be an NRRC extension of leadership and support to our Sailors.”

The NRRC Transition Teams are on an aggressive schedule to incorporate reserve recruiters from the NTAG to NRRC.

“The onboarding visits include a structured curriculum that includes NRRC indoctrination, where I have a chance to welcome them to our command,” said Muntean. “My team provides refresher training on reserve markets, reserve recruiting requirements, best practices, Centers of Influence and our commitment to restoring Navy Reserve end-strength through Prior Service Recruiting efforts.”

In September 2022, NRRC is planning to have their initial production conference in Millington, TN.

“The objective for the initial NRRC leadership conference is to connect our leaders, accept mission assignments, identify strategic partnerships and move forward together,” said. Muntean.

When describing the command's overall relationship with OCNR and the greater reserve community, Muntean had positive things to say.

“The Office of the Chief of Navy Reserve (OCNR), Commander Navy Reserve Force (CNRF), and the greater reserve community are strategic partners in the NRRC mission success,” said Muntean. “OCNR/CNRF have been critically and proactively instrumental in affecting strategic levers that impact policy, garner support from top military leaders, stabilize our recruiting manpower and provide tenant space in Navy Reserve Centers (NRCs) that remain our number one Center of Influence in the reserve market.”

For the Every Sailor is a Recruiter campaign, the Reserves play a key role.

“The Navy Reserve market surrounds the NRCs where our recruiters are located or will be located under the NRRC construct,” said Muntean. “NRCs connect us to our market both geographically and personally to SELRES who are some of our most impactful recruiters. The CANREC program successes are but one example of the SELRES recruiting commitment. SELRES provide a large portion of recruiting referrals and we appreciate their historic commitment to ‘Every Sailor is a Recruiter’, predating the formal campaign announcement. SELRES understand the benefits of serving in uniform with the Navy Reserve and they are out front helping us man the force.”

“I welcome you to join us,” said Muntean. “We are interested in hiring more CANRECs across our AOR and we have openings today. If you are interested in learning more, please contact LT Sylvia Musselman (757) 636-2753 or at “

CNRC consists of a command headquarters, two Navy Recruiting Regions, NRRC, and 26 NTAGs that serve more than 1,000 recruiting stations around the world. Their mission is to attract the highest quality candidates to assure the ongoing success of America’s Navy.
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