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NEWS | Nov. 9, 2022

NRC Amarillo's Dynamic Duo: YN1 Marcus Jones and his "Mombudsman"

By Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class (SW/AW/IW) Lawrence Davis, Navy Reserve Region Readiness and Mobilization Command Fort Worth

For decades, masses of people have come to know and love popular culture’s famed superhero and sidekick duos. Fans have swarmed theaters time and again to bear witness to the heroic deeds of Batman and Robin, Cloak and Dagger, Thor and Valkyrie, and so many others.     
Existing beyond the silver screen, in an another dimension, however, there is a true dynamic duo in real life. A son, who is a United States Navy Sailor, and his mother, a Navy command ombudsman, are both working day-in and day-out at Navy Reserve Center (NRC) Amarillo to ensure holistic warfighting readiness for the command’s 90 Selected Reserve (SELRES) Sailors.     
Yeoman 1st Class (YN1) Marcus Jones is the leading petty officer of NRC Amarillo’s Administration department. His mother, Ms. Regina Jones, volunteers as the command’s information and referral specialist, functioning as a communication link between the commanding officer and command families. In these essential roles, they have serviced the needs of Navy Reserve Sailors across Amarillo, Texas and the surrounding area for the past three years. 
“We take pride in getting our Reserve Sailors out there on the front lines,” said YN1 Jones. “My department takes care of their administrative needs and my mom is an invaluable resource as well. She’s like a second mother to all of the Sailors here and goes above and beyond to assist them and their families. We’ve even given her the nickname, ‘Mombudsman.’”
Ms. Jones quipped in response to her “cute and witty” moniker while commenting on the significance of its connotation.
“It’s the utmost compliment,” said Ms. Jones. “When I hear of Sailors referring to me in such an endearing manner, I’m reminded of my commitment to them: to aid in all aspects with compassion and understanding.”
Operating on two fronts, the work and contributions of the Jones duo has directly impacted the improved mission readiness of NRC Amarillo and its attached Reserve units. Last year, the command achieved a 100 percent mobilization-success rate with zero cancellations, providing the Navy with necessary strategic depth and mission support around the world.
“I’m here to make a difference,” said YN1 Jones. “The Navy has given me the opportunity to serve my country, protecting freedom and democracy here and abroad. It’s my job to facilitate the training, administration, and warfighting readiness of our Reserve Sailors so that they remain focused and prepared to answer the Nation’s call.”  
“Everyone has their individual responsibilities,” said Ms. Jones. “Not always is there a moment when our Sailors can just be human because the military is such a structured life. That’s why ombudsmen are here to bring that human element, to reassure Sailors and their families that there is a life in the military where you can have a home away from home.”
YN1 Jones spoke highly of his mother and her dedication to the cause, while attributing his success to lessons she instilled in him as a young boy. He knows full well you don’t have to wear a cape to be a super human.
“My mom is my hero,” said YN1 Jones. “Her job as an ombudsman can be taxing, but she does it with such grace. She is very much a people person, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Anytime we get to interact with others, and help them overcome obstacles it is very fulfilling.” 
Ms. Jones shared her thoughts as well.
“It’s a blessing to see my child go off into the world and do marvelous works of wonder,” said Ms. Jones. “Working with him, I have seen his work ethic is far more than me and his father could have ever dreamed he would achieve. He is genuinely who you see, and will do anything to help his fellow Sailors and their families.”
As the Jones duo continues their mission-essential task of readying NRC Amarillo’s warfighters, their actions contribute to a grand cause directed by Chief of Navy Reserve Vice Adm. John Mustin. In his updated Navy Reserve Fighting Instructions, released in March of 2022, Mustin renewed his action plan driving the Navy Reserve to fully attain and maintain the warfighting credibility and relevance required for today and in the future.
“Our Sailors are our asymmetric advantage,” said Mustin. “It is contingent upon us to focus on inclusion and equity allowing our Navy Reserve to harness our entire diverse team of Sailors and civilians to maximize our warfighting capability and readiness. We will enable and empower our Sailors, embrace ownership and ingenuity, and reinforce the simple, unifying concept that Sailors and commands will take care of themselves and their people, all the while removing barriers constraining our warfighting advantage.”