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NEWS | March 1, 2023

Commander, Tactical Support Wing Changes Command

By Chief Mass Communication Specialist Chelsea Milburn, Commander, Naval Air Force Reserve Public Affairs

Capt. William “Kid” Fraser was relieved by Capt. Geoffrey “Frogger” Hughes as Commander, Tactical Support Wing (CTSW) in a ceremony at the Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VR) 59 “Lone Star Express” hangar at Naval Air Station (NAS) Joint Reserve Base (JRB) Fort Worth, Texas, Feb. 10.

Tactical Support Wing (TSW) Sailors, friends and family traveled from around the country to join in congratulating Fraser on his successful tour and 27-year naval career, as well as celebrating the beginning of Hughes’s tour as CTSW.

The opening of the ceremony included the national anthem sung by Fraser’s three daughters, Emily, May and Molly. It was the second time Emily had sung the national anthem for a milestone in the end of Fraser’s naval career. In October 2022, Fraser led his last fly over, flying over the Montana State University homecoming game while Emily sang the national anthem.

Retired Rear Adm. Murray Tynch III, who first met Fraser in the late 90s, spoke as the ceremony’s guest speaker.

“When I thought about it and tried to capture on paper just how good [Fraser’s] been, across a long 27-year career and multiple airframes around the world, it was a daunting task to say the least,” said Tynch. “The numbers and awards shown in his biography tell a story. His story, what it really highlights, is the positive leadership style he has, and his dedication since day one to becoming the best aviator he could be.”

Tynch said what stands out to him about Fraser is his impact on those around him.

“He’s been dedicated to being a positive influence,” said Fraser. “He has always shown those around him that the job he has can be fun. It can be fun for him, and it can be fun for family. Sometimes in the midst of things, that can be hard to remember, and I’ve always appreciated that about him.”

Commander, Naval Air Force Reserve (CNAFR) Rear Adm. Brad Dunham, who presided over the ceremony, spoke of Fraser’s impact at CTSW, describing some of the challenges Fraser faced during his time in command.

“Three of the five [TSW] squadrons during [Fraser’s] command have transitioned,” said Dunham. “They’ve transitioned aircraft, they’ve transitioned to find different mission sets, and he’s done that and done that exquisitely well. To do something of that complex nature, to do it in the way that he did it, and to do it safely is no small feat. It’s a credit to him, it’s a credit to the team behind him, and it’s a credit to all the Sailors who have put in the work to make that happen. That doesn’t happen without his leadership. Thank you, [Fraser], for what you did for TSW, and thank you for what you’re going to do in your civilian life.”
Dunham then turned to Hughes.
“Frogger, I couldn’t think of a better person to take over command here at TSW,” said Dunham. “The one great thing about the Navy is that you always train your replacement, and there’s no better person. As a matter of fact, the quote is, ‘Everybody needs a Frogger.’ I couldn’t say it better. Frogger, welcome to command.”

Fraser then spoke about his career and time at CTSW.

“I cannot tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this job, how much I’ve enjoyed my career, the adventures we’ve had as a family, and the adventures I’ve had as a naval aviator. It’s just all so amazing,” said Fraser. “If I had to pick a specific thing that really makes this the best job in the world, it’s the relationships I’ve built and the time I’ve spent with some amazing people.”

He then turned to Hughes.

“Frogger, it’s been a great journey with you, and I learned so much from you,” said Fraser. “Thank you for your patience. You’ve got an amazing ability to protect my blind spot and cover me in my gaps and seams, and I really thank you for that. You’re going to kill it, and TSW is in great hands with you”.

As he prepared to turn over command, Fraser thought back to the ceremony in which he took it.

“When I took command, my speech was three thank yous and a promise,” said Fraser. “The promise was to Rear Adm. Scott Jones that I would do my best. I did. I gave it my best, and I loved it.”

Fraser and Hughes then read their orders, and Fraser was properly relieved.

Hughes then offered his first words as CTSW. He thanked his wife and three children before turning the focus to Fraser.

“Under your leadership, TSW came a long way,” said Hughes to Fraser. “[Fraser] led and mentored the TSW staff and 12 subordinate leadership teams through some very interesting times and he did it well.”

With the conclusion of the change of command, the ceremony transitioned to commemorate Fraser’s retirement from naval service.
Sailors, both enlisted and officers, rose individually to speak to Fraser’s time “on the watch.”
Fraser was piped ashore through the side boys for the last time alongside his family.
Commander, Tactical Support Wing mans, trains, and equips Tactical Support Wing units to consistently provide the highest quality global force management deployers, deployment enablers who provide airborne training and intelligence support, and squadron augment units to Navy forces that win in combat.