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NEWS | Sept. 7, 2023

Profiles in Professionalism: Naval Aircrewman Mechanical 1st Class Anthony Pettit

By Petty Officer Second Class Omar N. Rubi

The Navy Air Logistics Office (NALO) is the United States Navy’s only source of dedicated aviation logistics. Among the dedicated professionals at NALO, Naval Aircrewman Mechanical 1st Class Anthony Pettit, from Cedarville, Illinois, stands out as an exemplary model of expertise, professionalism, and commitment.

Pettit is assigned to NALO and plays a vital role as the command's sole Quality Assurance Officer (QAO), ensuring the operational readiness of naval aircraft and the effectiveness of aviation logistics. Pettit indicated he studies "trend analysis, process improvement, flight advisories" and is known command wide for his expertise in each department.

NALO's Commanding Officer Capt. Damon Hildebrand said the expertise of Pettit and his team to troubleshoot complex technical issues, guide maintenance personnel, and facilitate the timely and accurate repair of equipment is instrumental in maintaining the readiness of aircraft and ensuring the operational effectiveness of naval aviation assets.

"Technical expertise is paramount to excel at NALO,” Hildebrand explained. “These professionals undergo rigorous training and education to develop an in-depth understanding of aviation systems, logistics processes, and maintenance procedures specific to NALO operations. They possess a profound knowledge of aircraft systems, avionics, diagnostics tools, and software utilized in aviation logistics."

Before Pettit's positional promotion to QAO, he begann his career at NALO in 2015 as an operations clerk, then quickly team lead, operations subject matter expert (SME), and assistant leading petty officer by enhancing aircraft performance, reducing downtime, and overall operational efficiency. His ability to diagnose and resolve complex technical issues swiftly made him an invaluable contributor to the mission readiness of naval aviation.

AWF1 leads by example, “aiming to foster a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.” Furthermore, he mentioned “staying abreast of advancements in aircraft systems, logistics processes, and maintenance technologies through regular training, professional development opportunities, and staying connected to industry trends working with the Defense Innovation Unit” is his favorite part of his unique QAO position.

Pettit’s dedication to adapting to evolving requirements, along with his drive for honing his expertise, help to ensure that NALO remains at the forefront of aviation logistics support, providing critical assistance to naval aviation operations.

NALO works diligently to coordinate aviation logistics support, executed by the Navy Reserve’s Fleet Logistics Support Wing (FLSW), flying the C-40A Clipper and K/C-130T Hercules. NALO and FLSW remain the Navy’s only source of dedicated air logistics, providing support to the fleet around the globe.