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NEWS | April 30, 2024

Profiles in Professionalism: Aviation Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class Brittney Johnson

By Chief Mass Communication Specialist Chelsea Milburn, Commander, Naval Air Force Reserve Public Affairs

Aviation Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class Brittney Johnson, assigned to the “Conquistadors” of Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VR) 57 was traveling the world long before she raised her hand to enlist.
Though she considers Hopkinton, Massachusetts her hometown as it’s dearest to her heart, she grew up traveling the world with her family.
“My dad worked for a dredging company that had us all over the place, even overseas,” said Johnson. “I loved it. My sister and I made friends easily. I got to travel all over the world even before high school. Bahrain, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Puerto Rico, Mexico and visited several others. I got to vacation in Australia and visit China for a few days.”
When Johnson had the opportunity to continue her travels as a Training and Administration (TAR) Sailor in the U.S. Navy Reserve, she was excited to continue her adventures.
“I joined the Navy in October of 2016,” said Johnson. “I loved traveling and wanted to do more of it.”
Her current assignment with VR-57 allows her the best of both worlds.
“I like VR-57 because I feel like it’s a good balance between working hard while still being able to balance your personal life,” said Johnson. “Squadron life can be really demanding. Working on three large aircraft and going on detachments three times a year to Bahrain, Japan and Italy allows me to both work hard and still get to travel and explore.”
Johnson’s job in the Navy is aviation machinist’s mate, one of several Navy ratings that works collaboratively to perform maintenance on naval aircraft.
“I’m a mechanic,” said Johnson. “In my rate specifically, we do a lot of engine work, though at my current command I also work alongside other mechanic rates working on things like panel repair, tire changes, and working on struts and hydraulics.”
Johnson said she enjoys working with her team and seeing their impact to the VR-57 mission.
“When there's a problem, especially if it’s downing the aircraft, being able to get hands on with my team and resolve that problem to see it take off is always a good feeling,” said Johnson. “Just knowing that you’re able to contribute to that aircraft flying, no matter how small the job, is always pretty rewarding."
Commander, Naval Air Force Reserve (CNAFR) mans, trains and equips the Naval Air Force Reserve in order to provide enduring operational support and strategic depth to Navy forces that win in combat.